A New Way to T.E.A.C.H

Terri Peterson White, UW-EC graduate 1972, magna cum laude

Terri White is a long-time educator. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin with a degree in English and Library Science, White began her career as a school librarian. After starting their family in the late 1970’s, White and her husband Steve chose to homeschool their children. Curriculum was sparse. However, homeschoolers in the 1980’s were a tough bunch, trailblazing the way by writing their own material. Soon homeschool book fairs dotted the countryside from the east coast to the west. Today, curriculum abounds for today’s homeschoolers – at book fairs, at your neighborhood stores, and at the touch of the finger with Internet access.

In 1983, White formed Johnson  County Homeschool Association, the first and only a support group for several surrounding counties. She served as president for several years. Although the organization has experienced a few name changes, it still thrives today. Over the years, White has helped families get started in homeschooling, counseled with parents, evaluated and advised in curriculum decisions, and spoken on homeschooling in various venues.

During the 1990’s, White wrote a series of articles for various magazines and published those in a book entitled Successful Home Schooling. She and her husband also wrote Good News, a book exploring biblical covenants. By 1999 White had graduated her three children, and they were off to college. Then a friend asked if she would teach her homeschooled teens English composition skills. A new adventure bloomed.

Using the approach she used with her children, White wrote her own high school curriculum for beginning, intermediate, and advanced English composition skills. Write Right with Mrs. White was born. With ten to twelve students filling each class, White has taught homeschooled teens in her home, at homeschool co-ops, and in private schools over the years. Eventually, outsourcing classes became so popular with homeschoolers, that White gathered other teachers together.

In the spring of 2012, White formed a “university model” school in Cleburne, Texas, called T.E.A.C.H. – To Encourage and Challenge Homeschoolers. T.E.A.CH. is a group of private teachers who have joined under one roof to offer classes for middle and high school students that are homeschooled. Students can enroll in one class or several. A full range of classes is offered: English, literature, speech, Spanish, Latin, computer programming, physics, chemistry, biology, algebra 1 & 2, calculus, music, drama, photography, and middle school core subjects. New classes are added each year. For the 2013-14 school year, sixty students are enrolled. White offers her three high school English composition courses and one middle school writing & grammar course at T.E.A.C.H. This year she has five classes with a total of 50 students.