Celebrating the Robert Frost Collection

FrostThe English department recently scored a scholarly victory that has captured the attention of both the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Wisconsin Public Radio: The attainment of an incredible collection of Robert Frost’s poetry. We’re proud to say that our own Drs. Fessler, Manning, and Garland have been involved with acquisition effort of the collection since its inception, working in collaboration with the UW Eau Claire Foundation. The collection (over 40 books) contains many rare editions, including many that were signed or inscribed by Frost. The impact for the English department is incredible. Whether it’s for a specific class on Robert Frost (which, by the way, is in the works according to Dr. Manning), or other classes that will read Frost’s contributions, the collection provides first-hand and authentic materials for interactive study of a broad selection of Frost’s works. And as if this all wasn’t enough, these works contain another special treasure: Flashes of insight into a part of Frost’s life that has never before been known.

See the following link for the full story on the Frost collection as well as some videos of key contributors to this effort: