Updates on Departmental Organizations

Sigma Tau Delta

Rebekah Morrisson, Vice President of Sigma Tau Delta

Sigma Tau Delta, meeting Monday afternoons at 11 a.m. in in CENT 4308, is working hard this semester to gain new members and bring a new life to our organization. In order to do this, we staffeda table at B.O.B. at the end of January where we handed out fliers and candy, promoting our organization. This month, we are also working at unpacking and organizing our supplies and materials in our new Sigma Tau Delta office. At the end of this month, several of our members will be attending the annual International Sigma Tau Delta Conference in Savannah, GA where they will present their creative works and participate in roundtable dicussions. We plan to kick off March with our inductuion ceremony where we will begin the majority of our work on the Children’s and Young Adult’s Writing Contest, collecting sorting, and judging submissions. We plan on holding the Awards Ceremony towards the endof April where we will invite the winners from each category to read their story and where the young adult writers will have the opportunity to workshop their own stories. We will wrap up the year by attending the English Department Awards Ceremony and our annual End-of-the-Year Sigma Tau Delta Celebration.


Charlotte Kupsh

NOTA, the UW-Eau Claire’s award-winning literary and fine arts magazine, has been off to a busy start this semester. The magazine is currently accepting student submissions for poetry and prose and, for the first time, is collaborating with the Center for Writing Excellence to host two creative writing workshops on February 13th and 14th. Students will be able to have their creative work reviewed by a CWE tutor and gain valuable insight before submitting their work to the magainze. After submissions close on February 21st, NOTA’s selection committee will read, discuss, and vote on the submissions at our literary selection committee meeting on Saturday, March 1st. Student art submissions will be held the evening of February 20th in the Haas Fine Arts building. Submissions to both art and literature are open to all UWEC students from every major. Work from any genre or discipline is discipline is welcomed.

In addition, NOTA is proud to continue the tradition of hosting monthly Open Reads in the Cabin. Our Open Reads feature live musi and an open mic for students to read their creative work (or the work of authors they admire). Open to students and community members alike, Open Reads, help foster the creative community at UW-Eau Claire and are widely attended. The dates for NOTA Open Reads are at 8 pm in the Cabin in Davies Center. Finally, NOTA looks forward to hosting our end-of-semester book release party at the Volume One Gallery + Local Store in early May (date TBD)

For more information on NOTA and the events detailed here, please contact NOTA@uwec.edu

English Fest

According to Erin Stevens, president of English Fest, the group has a number of events planned for the semester. They collaborated with the department to present a poetry reading by March Wunderlich on February 4. They will also be participating in the annual International Poetry Reading (7 pm April 2 in the Ojibwe Ballroom) and supporting a reading and book signing by Phong Nguyen (6 pm April 9 in the Hibbard Penthouse). English Fest will also help celebrate student achievement at CERCA (April 30 and May 1 in Davies) and at the English Department’s End-of-Year Celebration for students, faculty, and alums (3:30-5:30 pm May 9 in the Dakota Ballroom).

Stevens encourages students to get involved by coming to English Fest meetings, which are held Tuesdays at 5 p.m. Email stevenee@uwec.edu or koopmaco@uwec.edu for more information.