Moving Forward

The Afterword, which has long been the alumni newsletter for the English department, is undergoing a name change and an expansion to become the full-fledged English Department newsletter. We will be incorporating a new and wider audience of students, faculty, and staff, while at the same time continuing to involve our valued alumni. By this move we hope to further advance and connect the community of the English department as a whole. As befitting this progressive commitment, The Afterword will become known as The Foreword.

The vision of this expanded newsletter is to promote the community of the English department in all its different aspects:

  • Its students; past, present, and prospective
  • Its faculty and staff and
  • Its admirers

The mission: to be a vehicle of communication and celebration, in order to recognize the achievements of students and faculty; to highlight the news and events of the department; and to increase the ownership of every member in the department.

With that said, we invite you to move Foreword with us as we seek to enhance the experience of belonging to the English community.