Way to Go Olivia and Matt!

The English Department here at UWEC has reason to be proud for raising up an inspiring example of service through alum Olivia Nelson, who is currently volunteering with the Peace Corps as an English teacher in Azerbaijan. She went early last April with her husband Matthew (also a UWEC alumni and serving as a community and economic development advisor in their Azerbaijani community) and will be there until the end of next summer, for a total of 27 months, according to the Peace Core website.  Olivia and Matthew made special mention of our university in a Peace Core blog article, stating that “their experiences there helped prepare them for international service.” The Foreword would like to congratulate the Nelsons on their commitment to a greater cause and express the hope that their time there is going well.

For more information on the couple, visit:

The Peace Corps Blog Article: http://midwestpcvs.wordpress.com/2013/03/07/married-wisconsin-rapids-residents-to-depart-for-peace-corps-service-in-azerbaijan/#more-940

A Short video from the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune: http://www.wisconsinrapidstribune.com/section/VIDEONETWORK?bctid=2231411290001