An Invitation for the Alumni

Dear Alumni of the English Department,

The Foreword has just now finished devising a way for you to maintain a connection here with the department. We want to know what’s been going on in your lives and hear about the cool things you’ve been involved with. Even though The Foreword has been expanded as the whole department newsletter, you still have an important place among the department and as part of The Foreword‘s target audience–and we want that audience to be able to speak back!

We have provided a Qualtrics survey to give an easy-to-access questionnaire that will allow you to broadcast your news and brag about your achievements. We’ve included some demographic questions as well so we’ll be able to fully present you to the English community. Your responses to the survey will provide an easy way for all of you to have equal opportunity to be featured in our stories and mentions.

So, without further ado, we present you the link for the Alumni Survey:


Sean Kaiser
Editor of The Foreword