Recent Faculty Honors

The Foreword would like to recognize the following English Department faculty for recent honors and awards they’ve received:

BJ Hollars:

Recently was awarded the 2014 Knox College Young Alumni Achievement Award, for his writing achievements. He received the award on February 21. See the story at

He also was given the 2014 Wisconsin Writers Award for his nonfiction. The award is given by the Council for Wisconsin Writers, and will be awarded yet another honor through the Norbert Blei/August Derleth Nonfiction Book Award. Read more by clicking on the following link.

Ruth Cronje:

Has accepted an award from the Wisconsin Campus Compact. The Sister Joel Read Civic Engagement Practitioners Award went to her to laud her contributions in developing the Civic Action Leaders curriculum, which allows students to engage with the community in environmental projects. The full story is available through the following link.

Gloria Hochstein:

Became president of Sigma Tau Delta’s board of directors recently and thus continues to work with students at Eau Claire as a professor emerita. Visit the UWEC news blog to see more details.

Pattie See:

Received the honor of writing an article for The Chippewa Herald about a local historian who recently passed away. To find out more and find a link to her story, follow this link: