Meet Ellen Osterhaus

Written by Samantha Foss

Dr. Ellen Osterhaus, originally from Iowa, attended Clarke College in Dubuque and then continued her studies at Purdue where she received her PhD in Linguistics. Right after Osterhaus had finished the graduation ceremony for her PhD program, she got into a moving van for the ten-hour trip to Eau Claire so she could begin teaching at our university.

Osterhaus is teaching only Blugold seminar courses at this point, but has been enjoying it greatly. She has liked both the different dynamic on our campus, as compared to Purdue, and the opportunity to adjust from teaching linguistics to teaching the rhetoric concepts of our Blugold seminar. She has also been very impressed with how engaged and talkative the students in her classes have been so far. Osterhaus noted that she hopes that the student body is aware of the unique opportunity that we have in being able to take these Blugold seminar courses. Looking forward, she hopes that she will be able to become more involved within the English department in the coming semester.

The first thing Osterhaus had to say about the community was “It’s so nice here!” which is always something wonderful to hear. When she is not in the classroom, you may find Osterhaus camping, biking, or possibly cross country skiing this winter. If you’re lucky, you may even find a chance to hear her showing off her trumpeting skills in a community band this coming summer.