Get to Know Pete Knutson!

Written by Samantha Foss

Dr. Pete Knutson is originally from Michigan and in fact received his undergraduate degree in state from Saginaw Valley State University in Communication Studies. At his professors’ urging, he continued studying in order to receive his Master’s degree at Central Michigan University. Again at the recommendation of his professors, Knutson continued engaging in research at the University of Kansas where he earned his PhD in Communication Studies.

Dr. Knutson would eventually like to become more involved within the CJ department, as well as the Athletic department in order to cover more Blugold sports since his dissertation was in sports communication. Being as involved in Communication Studies as he is, it should be no surprise that Knutson currently does sports broadcasting for Eau Claire Express baseball team, football and basketball for high school teams as well as UW Stout, though we won’t hold that against him. As you could have guessed, he is a huge sports fan, especially of Kansas basketball.

Knutson is teaching three Blugold seminars (English 116) here on campus and two Blugold seminar courses as literary youth options for high school students who wish to have their college writing course finished before they start college. It is taught as a distance learning course through cameras and videos, but otherwise it is all the same material that is covered in any other Blugold seminar. Knutson has also been teaching CJ courses online for business/professional studies, though he considers the English department to be is “adoptive home.” As welcoming as the community and the department have been, Knutson admits that he can’t help but miss good barbecues like he used to have in Kansas.