Poll Results and Upcoming Content

The semester has come to an end, but The Foreword will be back next Fall. This summer we will also be posting a promo for “Professors Read Mean Comments” on the English Department Facebook page. This is an affectionate parody of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” where professors Erica Benson, Stephanie Turner and Cathy Rex will read mean comments from the site Rate My Professor. Watch for the video this summer!

Below are the top five results to our last two Foreword polls.


Which of these common grammar mistakes peeve you the most? (You may choose three)

“Their”, “There” and of course “They’re”: with 26% of the votes

“Then” vs. “Than”: with 23% of the votes

“Your” and “You’re”: with 16% of the votes

When no one knows “affect” or “effect”: with 9% of the votes

Comma splicing or connecting two independent clauses with a comma: with 7% of the votes

Someone chose Other and wrote, “Good vs. Well…ugh!”


Things You Would Rather Do Instead of Taking Finals (Or for Professors, Grading Finals)

Chill with newly resurrected Edgar Allan Poe: with 26% of the votes

(I think I’d rather take finals)

Eat a hamburger while reading Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle: with 19% of the votes

Read Les Misérables in the original French with only a dictionary to translate: 16% of the votes

Edit the first draft of In Search of Lost Time (word count 1,267,069): with 6% of the votes

None of these: with 6% of the votes

Two people chose: I love finals!


I want to thank everyone for their continued support of the English Department and The Foreword.

ADVISOR’S NOTE: Thanks go also to Jake Worley, who did an amazing job as The Foreword‘s editor, and Casandra Lee, who did a great job as the departmental events intern. If you’d be interested in serving as editor of The Foreword or writing for us, contact Dr. Alan Benson.